Central Oregon Coast Articles

Make Strides in 2020

By Gretchen Ammerman
At the beginning of each new year, many people choose to try new things, set new goals or re-set the clock on goals that didn’t quite work out the year before. If you are one of those people and your goals have anything to do with improving your health and wellness, the Lincoln City Parks and Recreation Department is... Read More

Yeast Meets West

By Barbara B. Covell
Beer drinkers today have a vast array of choices to suit their palates. And the Central Oregon Coast holds tasting opportunities to enjoy a variety of craft brews made locally. Rusty Truck Brewing If the cool fall weather has you craving a distinctive craft brew, look no further than Rusty Truck Brewing Company in... Read More

School's In for Winter

By Gretchen Ammerman
All too often, historical buildings are razed when they are too far gone for restoration or the costs to do so would be too high. But sometimes, with care and dedication, a building can not only be saved but become a community treasure. The beautiful brick facade of the former Delake School, with original... Read More

Sound Strategies

By Rebecca Stone
In an era when music programs in schools have been decimated, one grassroots organization is implementing innovative ways to keep music education within reach of students from K through 12 Lincoln City might be popular for its expansive beaches, but it is also becoming synonymous with excellent musical offerings,... Read More

Reach New Heights

By Gretchen Ammerman
Whether it’s a little one who’s ready to graduate from the water wings in the pool, an adult ready to embark on a new fitness journey or a senior ready to start joining those pickleball games they keep hearing about, Lincoln City Parks and Recreation is ready with programs and services for all ages. “Swim, lift, run... Read More