Book a Walk Outside on the Central Coast

By Gretchen Ammerman | Monday, July 22, 2019

Just because it’s summer doesn't mean you want your kids to stop reading, but you also don’t want them stuck inside. Luckily some libraries have figured out fun and creative ways to get books outside, including laminating individual pages and putting them in locations like local trails or store windows.

I discovered one of them when I was walking Scout, and I really appreciated the diversion, because, let’s face it, sometimes there just aren’t enough podcasts in the world.

Having a book to read along the trail made our jaunt more enjoyable, and since the books primarily target kids (but organizers certainly don’t mind if adults enjoy them too), they can also add entertainment to a family amble.

Trail Tales

Along the section of Newport’s Ocean to Bay Trail that starts across the street from Big Creek Park, hikers encounter page one of The Golden Glow, by Benjamin Flouw, a charming tale of a fox named Fox questing to find a rare plant. Each laminated page is attached to a post and set at intervals so that you have to walk almost to the end to reach the finale of the surprisingly gripping tale.

According to librarian Rita Rudiman, it’s proved popular to a wide audience, which she knows thanks to the guest book set up near the book’s final page.

“We get entries from people from all over the world,” she said, “We’ve had 45 so far this year.”

A second book trail is set up at Literacy Park behind the Newport Public Library, located at 370 W. Olive St. 

Walk a Story

Shops in the Taft area of Lincoln City are hosting pages of a book in their windows. Pick up a map of hosting shops at the Driftwood Public Library or in Taft at the Lincoln City Glass Center (AKA Jennifer Sears Glass Blowing Studio). Read the story by working your way around the shops' window displays. 

"People don’t have to go into the buildings to read the story," said librarian Teena Nelson. "When they return the map to us or the glass studio, they get a prize."

The prize is a one-day pass to the Lincoln City Community Center, so you can warm up with a walk and cool down in a pool. 

There's plenty of time to experience this union of literature with fresh air and sunshine. The book pages for both library programs will be up until the end of August.

We love getting your comments and stories, so feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section. For other things to do before or after enjoying a book in the outdoors, check out our Central Oregon Coast Daytime Events calendar. For evening entertainment our Nightlife page steers you to the top happenings on the Central Coast.

About the Author Gretchen Ammerman
Gretchen Ammerman received an Environmental Science degree from Humboldt State University and was soon running a state environmental agency in Hawaii. She gave it up for the glamorous life of the freelance writer. This led to steady employment as a newspaper editor in Lincoln City, OR, where she knew she was doing well when the paper was threatened with a lawsuit within a week. Though the work was rewarding, she returned to freelance writing to have more freedom to explore the beautiful state of Oregon with her adopted dog, Scout.