Erin Go Bragh for Celtic Music on the Coast

By Gretchen Ammerman | Tuesday, September 3, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day is far away, but you can get your Irish on all through the fall and winter on the Oregon Coast. 

Attend a single evening of music, a weekend-long festival, or grab a bite at one of the places that serves food that pairs perfectly with a pint of Guinness.

The Celtic Series at the Lincoln City Cultural Center features performers of Irish, Scottish, American and fusion music. The series of monthly shows begins on Sunday, September 15, with the trio HighTime from Connemara, Ireland, who play Irish music with an intriguing blend of modern folk influences.

HighTime, courtesy photo

The LCCC will continue hosting one concert a month through May 2020, including the Scottish band DAIMH and renowned fiddler Kevin Burke.

Die-hard fans of Celtic music can save money and save a reserved table seat for all nine events by getting a season pass, with discounts (that start at 20%-off the bundle) available until September 15.

The Celtic Music Series will include the WinterDance Holiday Concert with Molly's Revenge, courtesy photo

And in Yachats, the Yachats Celtic Music Festival is back, November 8 through 10, following its highly successful first year. 

Featured performers include multi-instrumentalists Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter. The three day event also features a whiskey tasting event, where you can sample a fine selection of six single malt Scotch and Irish whiskeys led by connoisseur John Robbins who tours Scotland whiskey distilleries.

World traveler John Robbins will share his experience with spirits, courtesy photo

Two workshops during the festival will help you and channel your inner musician:

-Traditional Celtic harp (instruments provided).

Harps are fun and easy to play. No musical experience is needed.

-Rob Gandara, pipe and whistle maker, will be hosting 4 1/2-hour whistle and chanting workshops with half-hour-long sessions during the weekend. He will be teaching whistle and practice chanter. The free sessions will take place in the Yachats Commons.

To help get you in the mood to feel like you're out on the moors during any time of the year, check out these two coastal pubs:

Nana’s Irish Pub in Newport has grown to become a favorite place for hearty brews and Irish stews.

Shannon’s Pub, located in the Clubhouse above Salishan Resort’s golf course, is inspired by the storied public houses – or pubs – of Ireland with a nod to the Oregon Coast’s own Irish ancestry.

Do you have a touch of the Irish? We love getting your comments and stories (and lucky kisses!), so feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section. For other things to do on the Central Coast , check out our Daytime Events calendar. For evening entertainment our Nightlife page steers you to the top happenings on the Central Coast.

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