Why Wait for the Weekend? (Midweek Events on the Central Coast Part 2)

By Gretchen Ammerman | Tuesday, December 31, 2019

There are songs about it, mugs adorned with puns about it and people start making jokes about it even when it’s days away; it’s the weekend, and you know you’ve lived for it at least once.

But things are changing in the realm of the typical work week, especially with the increase in remote work capabilities. I used to specifically plan my outdoor adventures for weekdays to avoid crowds, but to my chagrin, it appears others have joined my special secret club.

Here are a few regularly scheduled events that will make you replace TGIF with TGIM.


Friends of the Driftwood Public Library Book Sale

Pull into the parking lot at this Lincoln City library at 10 a.m. on a Monday, and your heart will be warmed by the crowds heading into the building.

“How nice, people are really using their local resource,” you may think to yourself. And they are but in a not-so-usual way.

The selection is impressive and the prices are always quite low; each month a category of books gets special treatment with a further 50-percent discount. January’s category is humor.

The sale runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is located at 801 SW Highway 101.

Looking for a good book?


The Oregon Coast Learning Institute is a gathering of people who believe that an unexplored life is not worth living. During two three-month-long sessions held twice per year, at least two speakers give presentations on a dizzying number of topics every Tuesday from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. 

I have been an invited speaker twice: Once I was there to demystify the sometimes-arcane system of local recycling, and the second time I was there to share the wonders of the backyard beekeeper. I will let you guess which one I got more compliments about.

The winter semester begins this Tuesday, January 7, with a talk by Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers. All sessions are held at the Salishan Resort & Spa in Gleneden Beach.

Buzz over to the Salishan Resort to learn a wide variety of topics


Thrift Shop Bingo at the Beachcrest Brewery happens only twice per month, which gives you just enough time to recover from the wild and wacky fun. Prizes will be awarded. Try some different locally brewed ales and bring your favorite snacks as long as they won’t drip onto your bingo card. 

The free event is from 6 to 8 p.m., and the brewery is located in the Salishan Marketplace. Join them on January 8 and 22.


Trivia Night at the Black Squid Beer House has a different theme each week which you can keep up with by checking the Facebook page or simply by showing up and trying your luck. Occasionally the themes support fundraisers, like the annual animal-themed night to raise money for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. 

Since the Squid is pet friendly, you can bring your dog to help you answer questions on this and any other night. Teams can have up to six people, and the first and second teams win prizes. Trivia starts at 7:15 p.m. Find the Black Squid located at 3001 SW Highway 101, Lincoln City.

Now that your week is full of fun, you can use the weekend to catch up on laundry or curl up with one of the books you scored at the library book sale.

For other things to do on the Central Coast any day of the week, check out our Daytime Events calendar. For evening entertainment, our Nightlife page steers you to the top happenings on the Central Coast.

About the Author Gretchen Ammerman
Gretchen Ammerman received an Environmental Science degree from Humboldt State University and was soon running a state environmental agency in Hawaii. She gave it up for the glamorous life of the freelance writer. This led to steady employment as a newspaper editor in Lincoln City, OR, where she knew she was doing well when the paper was threatened with a lawsuit within a week. Though the work was rewarding, she returned to freelance writing to have more freedom to explore the beautiful state of Oregon with her adopted dog, Scout.