Fishing Report 8/31/19

Dockside Charters, Fishing Report 8/31/19
Saturday, August 31, 2019

Rockfish and Ling Cod were on a smokin hot bite today. Tacklebuster limited on Rockfish before 09:00 and came home with a good number of Ling Cod too. Crabbing was good with 4-6 per person.

Today was the opening of the non-selective Salmon season. Unfortunately the catch was much slower than what we were hoping for. We didn't get skunked but neither did we bring home limits for everyone. Certainly an unspectacular start to the season. Fortunately tomorrow is a brand new day.

Tuna fishermen endured a rough choppy day on the water but came home with fish as a reward. Counts were only two each, so it was one of the slower days we've had.

The Long Leader fishery produced big time yet again, although it was a bit slower than it has been. It took 2 and a half drifts to get full limits, a full 1/2 a drift longer than last time. The grade of fish was very good also.

ODFW has informed us that the all-depth fishery for Ling Cod and Rockfish will open September 3rd rather than October 1st. This is because our allowable mortality quotas for Yellow Eye Rockfish are in good shape for the year. Because of that Rockfish and Ling Cod may be retained along with Halibut in the all-depth fishery. Unfortunately Ling Cod may not be retained on the Long Leader fishery because of the 10 fish bag limit on the Long Leader.

We also got notice from ODFW that Halibut is going to a two fish per day limit due to the high amount of quota left on the table. Unfortunately we have NO space available until the 27th of September providing there is quota remaining.

Make your reservation now so you don't miss out. Remember, Dockside does not overcrowd the boats, that means more room to fish of course, providing you with a premium trip. Online reservations are an option also, you can make a reservation on a space available basis even the day before the trip. Don't miss out.


Season Info:


Coho Salmon dates have been set! They are as follows:

Fin Clipped Season

June 22 through August 25 or until a quota of 90,000 fin clipped fish are caught.

Non-Selective Season (Need Not Be Fin Clipped)

August 31, September 1st, then Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only, through September 28 or until 9,000 fish are caught


All depth Halibut seasons: 

Summer: August 2-3 followed by every Fri-Sat until quota is reached

Nearshore Halibut Season: Opens June 1, open 7 days a week, inside the 40 fathom curve through the quota or October 31

ODFW has posted the regs for 2019, only a few changes but they are positive. Blue and Deacon Rockfish have been added to the Long Leader fishery as retainable species. April has been added to the offshore fishery and the inshore fishery depth restriction has been moved to 40 fathoms (May through September). 

Rockfish and Ling Cod (bottom fishing) available year round.

Long Leader fishery open year round (outside 40 fathoms depth)

Deep Water Ling Cod open October 1st until May 1st.

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