Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, our Owner has grown up with Dogs - dogs of all shapes and sizes: laboradors, brittany spaniels, toy poodles, rottwielers, german short hairs, and currently, she owns an English Cocker Spaniel and Jack Russell Mix.  Dogs are an important part of the Owner's Life!

The English Cocker Spaniel's name is Danny and due to an inherited progressive retinal failure disease, Danny is blind.  

Then about two years ago, Brixxton, an adorable and energetic Jack Russell came into Danny and the Owner's life.  With Brixxton - true to his name which comes from a town outside of London England - he acted like royalty.  His mannerisms and general behavior are far different than Danny's.  Danny enjoys being at home and snuggling.  He has floppy ears, a calm demeanor, and is basically a goofball!  Brixxton loves to travel, hates to get wet, dirty, and acts like the world should revolve around him.  So we began to call him Sir Lord Brixxton!

When Danny, Brixxton and the Owner moved from LA back to Oregon - they settled on the Coast.  The beautiful landscape, moderate weather, and clean sea air complemented all three.  

When deciding on a name for the restaurant, the Owner chose Brixxton because the name is unique,  just as is the cuisine that the Owner and the Executive Chef brought to Lincoln Beach - a unique blend of southern style homecooked food with a strong influence from Italy and New Orleans. 

While the name has literally nothing to do with the cuisine directly, the Owner wants everyone to know how important her four legged fury friends are to her, and she welcomes them as well as your beloved fury pals to dine at Lord Brixxton's when the outdoor patio is open.