Atomic Lime Jello Parfaits and a Reading of "the Land Southward"

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.
Newport Performing Arts Center, Atomic Lime Jello Parfaits and a reading of "The Land Southward"
Event Description: 

Throughout the nineteen fifties the United States government conducted above-ground nuclear testing on Nevada's soil...and aimed the fallout directly toward rural Southern Utah. The "downwind" syndrome was born. "The Land Southward" is a non-linear, full-length play that explores and exposes one of the most deadly United States government conspiracies to date.

"Darcy Hogan's The Land Southward is a near-perfect work, the kind that brings a previously little-known or oft-ignored issue out of the darkness of history; infuses it with keen insight, intellectual depth, sly humor and Undeniable Truth; and then neatly wraps it up in ways that make it completely relevant to events going down today. It's a play that sticks to you long after your car has pulled out of the theater parking lot, one that makes you think, “I didn't know that” and makes you wonder why you didn't. A play that could be - should be - a classic." - Rich Kane, OC Weekly

The Land Southward has previously been produced by The Salt Lake Acting Company (Salt Lake City, UT), the March Hog Theatre Company (Fullerton, CA), Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company (San Diego, CA), Springs Ensemble Theatre (Colorado Springs, CO), and Southern Utah University.

ONE NIGHT DELIGHTS are one-night-only live staged readings where the selected play is paired with a ‘delight’ – a delectable dessert or savory dish for the audience to enjoy. The absence of elaborate sets and costumes puts the focus on the performers’ oral interpretation of the words, making this a fabulous way to truly savor a playwright’s work… and a tasty refreshment at intermission is included with the price of admission!

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Newport Performing Arts Center (See address and directions on the rightbelow)