Activities in Florence, Oregon

For a small area, Florence, Oregon, is big on fun. As you might imagine, outdoor play makes up the majority of the things to do in Florence, Oregon. They give you lots of opportunities to play in the surrounding area, which is basically a giant natural playground. However, the activities in Florence, Oregon, incorporate a delightful amount of indoor fun into the mix, so you can also spend many happy hours inside when you need a break from the wind and rain.

Hiking, kayaking, beachcombing, sightseeing and theater-going are just a few of the enticing diversions to enjoy in Florence, Oregon. Different businesses and organizations provide many of the activities in Florence, Oregon. Go on guided whale watching trips. Take horseback trail rides through the forests, coastal dunes and beaches. Dance along to music at live concert performances. Depending on your location, other activities in Florence, Oregon, are recreational outings you can try. You could hike along Hobbit Trail in Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park, explore Old Town’s shopping scene or fish in the Siuslaw River. 

Activities in Florence, Oregon, on Everyone’s List

Every town on the Central Coast has select activities that they’re known for – the fun that draws visitors there and that residents know you shouldn’t miss. These sorts of activities in Florence, Oregon, take advantage of the surf, forests and coast, and they’re an amazing method for experiencing this coastal environment. Visit the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Spend an afternoon snowboarding through the sand or riding on a dune buggy ATV at Sand Master Park at the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Site. A whale watching trip lets you marvel at these majestic mammals in the wilderness. Descend by elevator into country’s largest sea cave to see sea lions in their natural environment. However you choose to spend your time in Florence, Oregon, these activities leave you with memories that you’ll treasure for life.

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