Florence, Oregon, Events: Community

The one-of-a-kind natural attractions and outdoor recreation in Florence, Oregon, make it a travel destination. However, what really grounds the town is the involved and active local community. Just like all of us, the residents in Florence need additional excitement and happenings to spice up the everyday life, because – let’s be honest – not everyone can wrap up their nine-to-five job then leave for a whale watching trip. Oftentimes they turn to Florence, Oregon, community events. These Florence, Oregon, events are ones that don’t always target travelers, but they may appeal to business professionals, families with children and others who live here. Find school bake sales, networking socials, church potlucks, neighborhood yard sales and so much more all happening under the radar in Florence, Oregon, events. The artist community’s presence colors many of the current happenings in Florence, Oregon. People attend art gallery exhibit openings in support of their creative friends. Community theater performances draw crowds. Local independent filmmakers and producers find ready audiences among Florence residents at film screenings. The support and enthusiasm that the locals display for their neighbors all help create the beautiful and caring town that they call home.

Where to Check out Florence, Oregon, Community Events

An awesome aspect about Florence, Oregon, events is that they seek to deliver something to everyone. This could mean entertainment for people who attend festivals and performances and, for the people involved, an opportunity to show off their talents and skills.

Several Florence, Oregon, events occur seasonally, and they attract both residents and visitors. Families come to Santa meet and greets, and everyone loves watching the town illuminate its festively decorated trees during the holiday season. And the annual Rhododendron Festival is a treasured tradition on Oregon’s Coast – people come from hours away just to attend. Check out the listing below to learn about all the current happenings among Florence’s community. To learn more about everything going on in Florence, let our Daytime Events page guide you to all of the entertainment.

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