Florence, Oregon, Fishing

Florence, Oregon’s, coastal location at the mouth of the Siuslaw River, not to mention the several lakes located nearby, make it a fishing destination on Oregon’s Central Coast. There’s no shortage of spots for freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, so the Florence, Oregon, fishing scene bursts with opportunity and variety. How do you like to reel in your catches? You can charter a fishing trip to take you into the depths of the Pacific, try fly fishing on the lakes, perch at the docks along the Siuslaw River and drop in your line, set up pots to catch some succulent Dungeness crab or take a net and bucket to the shallow, sandy shorelines and dig for clams hunt for mussels. Make it a total surf and turf adventure by hiking for miles along a scenic, wooded trail to reach a perfect inland fishing location. Noteworthy venues for Florence, Oregon, fishing dot the area, and you’re never too far from one. The campgrounds, state and national parks, wilderness preserves and the beach in Florence, Oregon, all offer singular fishing experiences.

Planning For Florence, Oregon, Fishing

A few important factors come into play whenever beginning a Florence, Oregon, fishing excursion: The time of year, where you want to fish and what you want to catch are all important considerations before you cast your line. Set your sights on sturgeon, perch, largemouth bass, varieties of rockfish, rainbow trout, sea-run cutthroat trout, herring, Dungeness crab, razor clams, soft shell clams or mussels. Rainbow trout and sea-run cutthroat frequently abound among Florence, Oregon’s, 25 freshwater lakes and streams. Before you begin any fishing activities on Oregon’s coast, take note that all anglers are required to have an Oregon Fishing License. To learn more about the rules and regulations for fishing in the state, visit our Central Oregon Coast Fishing page.

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