Florence, Oregon, Attractions

Every area has its signature places and sites that make it so special, and Florence, Oregon, is no different. The Florence, Oregon, attractions maintain a flow of eager visitors, ready to explore this historic fishing town and experience one-of-a-kind features on the Central Oregon Coast. Check out a picture-perfect lighthouse with outdoor adventures to match. Spend a day among the shops and cafes in Florence, Oregon’s, historic district. Let your mind be delighted by whimsical and quirky museums. Explore the largest stretch of coastal sand dunes in North America. Spend hours surrounded by a wondrous wilderness in state and national parks and hiking along the miles of trails that let you fully appreciate what it means to take the scenic route. Florence, Oregon, attractions include several signature spots on the list, but be sure to also keep your eyes peeled for some hidden gems as well. Outdoor recreation, sites significant to the region’s culture and history and encountering wildlife in their natural habitats lay at the heart of Florence, Oregon, attractions.

New Experiences Await with Florence, Oregon, Attractions

There’s no question about the abundance of incredible places to check out in Florence, Oregon. The only question, perhaps, is where to begin? You could start at the notable Heceta Head Lighthouse, which sits at a scenic viewpoint in a cove along Cape Creek. This picturesque lighthouse is surrounded by incredible views and plentiful wildlife, and you’ll see birds, whales, sea lions and more. Take a car there or follow one of the trails from the 7-mile-wide network. If you brought your sea legs with you, a whale watching trip lets you watch blue whales surfacing and swimming within the Pacific’s waves. Race around the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area by dune buggy. Or, pretend that the sand is snow and cruise down it on your snowboard. You can’t go wrong wherever you begin exploring Florence, Oregon, attractions.