Activities in Lincoln City, Oregon

Activities in Lincoln City, Oregon, abound! Whether you’re with a group or exploring the Central Coast solo, you’ll find a wide array of activities in Lincoln City, Oregon, to keep your schedule filled with fun. For example, Lincoln City, Oregon, is home to two international kite festivals: the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival and the Summer Kite Festival, both held at the D-River Wayside State Park. There’s also the Finders Keepers treasure hunt where seekers uncover locally hand-blown glass floats on our beaches, stretching from Roads End State Recreation Site to Siletz Bay. Additionally, the Lincoln City Cultural Center offers creative and educational classes, activities, exhibits and events for all ages, interests and abilities. It's housed in the beautifully restored Old Delake School (built in 1927), where visitors will also find musical performances, poetry readings, film festivals and more. Whale watching is a favorite activity here. You can catch the Gray Whale winter and spring migrations off the Pacific Northwest shores as they swim from Alaska to Mexico and back. Check out all of the different activities in Lincoln City, Oregon, to start scheduling your adventures today!

Everyone Loves Activities in Lincoln City, Oregon

The cultural center, culinary scene, museums, art galleries and performance venues are just some of the places you’ll find great activities in Lincoln City, Oregon, for all ages and interests. And don’t worry about the season. We have Dungeness crab cracks, fish fries, music festivals, scavenger hunts, kite flying contests, beer and wine tastings, foodie events, gatherings for bikers and hikers, fishing derbies and more throughout the year. Of course, there are holiday programs galore from the Fourth of July to Christmas and also for every celebration in between. We’ve compiled all Lincoln City, Oregon’s, current activities on this page to make it easy for you to plan your Pacific Northwest adventure. Your biggest dilemma may be deciding what activities and programs to do next or how you’re going to fit them all in!