Fishing in Lincoln City, Oregon

Fishing in Lincoln City, Oregon, is an angler’s dream come true. Devils Lake, Salmon River, Siletz River, Schooner Creek and Drift Creek are popular spots. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife loads up Devils Lake (680 acres) with rainbow trout several times throughout the year. Spring and summer is when you'll find the most trout active and hungering for your bait. Devils Lake also has a robust population of largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, bluegill and catfish. If you’re looking for more challenging water to cast upon, fishing in Lincoln City, Oregon, also includes the Pacific Ocean. For saltwater fishing in Lincoln City, Oregon, charter a boat and venture out to sea or drop a line along Siltez Bay at the south edge of town. The Bay is also a prime spot for crabbing and clamming. The best time to throw a crab ring is usually several hours after low tide in Lincoln City, Oregon. Mussels and barnacles thrive in Lincoln City, Oregon, tide pools. You’ll find them on the rocky formations along the beach.

Fishing in Lincoln City, Oregon, Regulations

Whether you’re crabbing, clamming or fishing in Lincoln City, Oregon, it’s important to know the area’s rules and regulations so your angling adventure doesn’t go awry. We want you to safely catch your dinner and be able to enjoy it without breaking any laws and facing the consequences. Nothing puts a damper on a vacation like getting slapped with a fine. Make sure to visit our Central Oregon Coast Fishing Page for the most current and complete information regarding fishing rules, regulations, limits and licensure requirements. A good fishing report is important for weather conditions, what’s biting and when. Our Central Oregon Coast Fishing Reports will also provide you with daily reports on who's catching what and where. 

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