Lincoln City, Oregon, Restaurants: Daily Specials

Everything you order at Lincoln City, Oregon, restaurants is going to be a treat for your taste buds, but sometimes you may want a few suggestions from those in the know. That’s where daily specials come into play. In Lincoln City, Oregon, these could be a new recipe a chef is trying out, whatever the fresh catch of the day happens to be or a unique specialty dessert and upscale coffee drink promoted at a trendy beachside bistro. Lincoln City, Oregon, restaurants love to pay tribute to the freshest local flavors with daily specials honoring the season. During the summer it may be a fruity sweet treat with the latest harvest from a local farmer’s market, or once the crabbing season opens in December, try a daily special that features Dungeness crab. Lincoln City, Oregon, restaurants and bars also offer daily specials for happy hour, such as pairing appetizers and lighter bites with creative cocktails, craft beers and local wines. Browse the list below to see what’s on the menu for tempting and affordable daily specials.

Eat Like a Local at Lincoln City, Oregon, Restaurants

Lincoln City, Oregon, locals grew up on the freshest seafood and best farmland fare around. Because we love to share a good thing, you’ll have no problem eating like a local at our restaurants if you take advantage of the many daily specials available. Restaurant specials often reflect what the natives favor, abundant ingredients harvested during a particular time of year or a tried-and-true pairing of traditional food and drink (juicy grass-fed angus burgers and a locally brewed ale or delicious Coho salmon and a crisp chardonnay). You won’t go wrong if you eat like a local when visiting Lincoln City, Oregon, restaurants. The daily specials on this page will give you a good place to start … and then go back for seconds!