Mossy Creek Pottery

483 S. Immonen Road, Lincoln City
(541) 996-2415

Since 1973, Mossy Creek Pottery has been offering hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pottery from dozens of Pacific Northwest clay artists. Nestled on six acres of Oregon's beautiful land, about a half mile off U.S. Highway 101 (a very scenic drive), the nearly century-old farmhouse that accommodates the pottery and other gifts is just as alluring as the creations stocking its shelves. If you can’t make it to the store (but try to because this place is enchanting), visit the Mossy Creek Pottery website to shop online for pottery, gift certificates, diffusers and oils through the Moss-E-Shop. The e-store includes a rotating selection of pieces from their gallery, so there’s always something new. Whether online or in person, Mossy Creek Pottery is a charming place to pick up a few treasures as souvenirs from your Central Oregon Coast getaway.