Oregon Coast Aquarium

2820 SE Ferry Slip Road, Newport
(541) 867-3474

At the Oregon Coast Aquarium you can choose to view the world-class displays of both fish and fowl or truly immerse yourself within the displays themselves. Available experiences include the Behind the Scenes tour, where you will see how the aquarium’s roughly 15,000 creatures, including sea otters, sea lions, pelicans and sharks, are cared for. You'll also learn about what is being done to protect these species in the wild. Get even closer by diving with professional guides (Open Water Diver certification required) in both the 26-foot deep Halibut Flats exhibit and the Open Sea exhibit, which holds hundreds of sharks including the broadnose sevengill sharks, which can grow up to 10-feet long. If you prefer to keep the creatures on the other side of the glass, throw the best slumber party of the year in the Passage of the Deep’s tunnels, which offer 360-degree views of marine action. You and your crew will have the place to yourselves, save for the nearby giant Pacific octopus, one of the aquarium's most popular residents. No matter how deep you want to dive in, there’s lots to see and do at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.