Otis Pizzeria

1252 Highway 18, Otis
(541) 996-4844

Otis Pizzeria is known for a couple things, one being that it’s all owned by one couple and the other is food. What locals long knew as Pronto Pups since 1946, this location has since turned from hot dog stand into a thriving employee-owned pizzeria and the informal town hub. With their menu for burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, clam chowder and other comfort food along with their popular pizzas, the restaurant accommodates meat eaters, vegetarians and also vegans. Although they're a bit off the beaten path, they deliver to any address in Lincoln City, Neotsu, Neskowin and Otis. Or you feel like going out, avoid the potential of a long restaurant wait in Lincoln City by driving 2 miles north to the eatery. And those who loved the old Pronto Pup need not worry - the dogs are still on the menu at Otis Pizzeria.