1425 NW U.S. Highway 101, Lincoln City
(541) 614-1294

Interested in seeing fossils and minerals from around the world? You can find them right in Lincoln City at Prehistoric, a gallery featuring dinosaur fossils, trilobites, ammonites and more. An animatronic dinosaur greets you at the door. You can buy a bag of materials to put into a sluice box and sift through to discover minerals and fossils as if you’re panning for gold. You can also use what they call a “geocracker” to break open geodes and find the crystals inside. Minerals are popular items to get at Prehistoric, whether a shopper wants to add to their collection or just have a mineral they’ve always wanted. Prehistoric offers a range  from $1 minerals to a $200,000 tail from a Camarasaurus. The owner opened Prehistoric in 2015 to bring this educational experience to Lincoln City.