Trillium Natural Foods Grocery

1026 SE Jetty Avenue, Lincoln City
(541) 994-5665

Since 1973, Trillium Natural Foods has been providing Lincoln City with organic and local produce and grocery items, such as teas, spices, dried fruit, nuts, meats and vegan alternatives. This grocery store may be small in size, but it has a big selection of bulk goods, including food, soaps and oils. Customers are encouraged to cut down on plastic waste by bringing in their own jars and bottles to refill with the bulk items they buy. Trillium’s Veggie Bucks program is meant to help families buy organic. Anyone taking care of children under 18 years old can bring back their Trillium Natural Foods receipts in increments of $100 and get $5 credited toward their next purchase of fresh fruits, vegetables or books. The store also offers a 2% discount for purchases made with cash or checks. Trillium Natural Foods prides itself in being a small store with a good selection and fair prices.