Newport, Oregon

Including Toledo, Oregon

Where on the coast can you play on miles of pristine beaches, hike through the forest-covered trails in parks and nature preserves and find a hefty dose of urban bustle, shops and entertainment, and all in one place for that matter? Welcome to Newport, Oregon – a city that’s garnered a reputation as an Oregon Coast destination since the 1800s.

Its trademark reputation as the Dungeness crab capital of the world and home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, picturesque lighthouses and Victorian-era neighborhoods are just a few defining features that make Newport, Oregon, a must-visit spot on the Coast. Located with the Yaquina Bay on one side and the Pacific’s grandeur on the other, Newport, Oregon, sparkles with coastal beauty and fun. As far as the towns dotting the coast go, Newport is a larger one, and it has the entertainment and attractions to match. Towering over it all, seemingly, is the famous Art Deco Yaquina Bay Bridge, a defining symbol of Newport, Oregon and one of the first sights that greets visitors as they enter the town.

About 7 miles inland is the town of Toledo. This charming little spot sits on a bend of the Yaquina River, with abundant green spaces blanketing the surrounding hills. It’s one of the few Oregon towns where the downtown is located on a city street instead of a highway. This historic setting draws visitors with its art galleries, antiques and craft shops, restaurants, a Rail Road Museum and History Center. It’s also known for its mild weather, as its inland location protects it from the strong winds Newport frequently experiences.

Things to Do in Newport, Oregon

You could ask about all the things to do in Newport, Oregon, but the better question is what isn’t there to do: hike to several of the coast’s state parks and wildlife preserves; comb the beaches for treasure; board a boat and set off into the Bay; try your hand at catching Dungeness crabs; stroll the historic streets of Newport and Toledo, admiring the Victorian buildings and homes. Check out the one-of-a-kind Newport, Oregon, attractions that range from majestic to charmingly weird. The Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse offer unparalleled views of the coast. This area is also a top-notch place to learn about this coastal environment. With the Oregon Coast Aquarium and several marine research and science centers, programs and interactive activities teach people of all ages about the marine life and ecosystems that the coast is known for.

Dining in Newport, Oregon

Whether you’re craving a five-star gourmet meal or simply the best bowl of clam chowder on the coast, you’ll find Newport, Oregon, restaurants to sate your senses and plenty of them too. The majority of the menus you see are designed using local ingredients that vary depending on the season and availability – and food that fresh is nothing short of good. Just as dominant as the farm-to-table trend is at these restaurants, the sea-to-table trend is too. You can expect to find bountiful catches of chinook salmon, lingcod, river trout, tuna and Dungeness crab offered on menus.

Get Creative at Newport, Oregon, Shops

If you’re hoping to find something that’s one-of-a-kind, your best bet is at the Newport, Oregon, shops. Most businesses here are independently owned, and many embrace the region’s rich community of artists. Browse handmade crafts, original pieces of art, candles, blown glass sculptures and more. It’s funky, it’s fun, it’s an awesome way to mingle with small-business owners and get a taste of the culture here.

Make Newport, Oregon, Your Destination

With so many enticing activities, a delicious dining scene, quirky shops, famous attractions and great events like festivals and concerts, why not just make Newport, Oregon, your coastal destination? Newport, Oregon, hotels vary from recognizable chain names, grand oceanside resorts and cozy inns. For longer stays, consider a Newport, Oregon, vacation rental. They offer an array of condos, cottages, cabins and homes that you can call home for a few days or even a few week.

Play in Newport, Oregon

Finding activities to fill your day goes beyond the outdoor recreation and visiting attractions. There are always events to check out during the days and nights here. Newport, Oregon, events are awesome ways to shake up the routine with touring musical acts, interactive programs at the museums, annual festivals and much more. Newport, Oregon, possesses a wonderful, relaxing quality, but the ongoing stream of events ensures that there’s never a dull moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Newport, Oregon?

Newport, Oregon, is about 130 miles south of Portland International Airport (if you’re arriving to the coast by plane). You can take I-5 South and then Oregon Highway 34 West to U.S. Highway 20 West. If you’re traveling to other locations on the Central Coast, Newport is just south of Lincoln City, Oregon, and you can get there by U.S. Highway 101.

How do I get to Toledo from Newport, Oregon?

Toledo is just seven miles outside of Newport, Oregon, and it takes about 10 minutes on Highway 20 East. If you want the scenic route, follow the Yaquina Bay Road out of Newport. This road leads you upstream past beautiful turns and bends in the river, and it makes for a lovely bike ride.

How do I navigate the different districts in Newport, Oregon?

Newport, Oregon, is divided into multiple districts: Nye Beach and the Historical Bayfront, the oldest places, the downtown scene in the Deco District, where you’ll find the downtown scene, and the Agate Beach and South Beach, which are homes to several of Newport’s top attractions located downtown, with plenty of independently owned shops, accommodation options, art galleries, restaurants and storefront windows that have preserved their Victorian-era roots. 

Why does Newport, Oregon, have two lighthouses?

Newport is one of the few towns on the Oregon Coast with multiple lighthouses, and they both bear historical and cultural significance. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse was built in 1871, making it the second oldest in the state. It operated for three years before commissioning to the taller and brighter Yaquina Head Lighthouse, which is the tallest on the Oregon Coast with its 93-foot structure and height of 162 feet above sea level. Both lighthouses are open to public visitors interested in unparalleled views and noteworthy history

How old is Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon, has drawn vacationers from the Willamette Valley since the mid-1800s. The addition of the railroad between the valley and coast in 1885 greatly increased the number of visitors and summer cottages in the town. As cars became the norm and roadways improved, Newport’s tourism industry expanded, promoting the area’s reputation as an outdoor recreation destination.

What is the weather like in Newport, Oregon?

The temperate weather in Newport makes it a lovely destination any time of year. Summer brings plenty of sunshine and warmth with average temps hovering around 60. Warmer temperatures continue through the fall, when you'll have temps anywhere from the mid-50s to the mid-60s, and are complemented by breezes from the ocean. Spring has its share of sunshine too and the weather is a little bit cooler with averages in the mid-50s. Winter months experience numerous crisp and clear days when temps are typically in the low 50s, which balance out the days with stronger winds and rougher seas.