Central Oregon Coast Community Organizations and Nonprofits

The colorful communities of locals on the Central Oregon Coast care a lot: They care about their neighbors, their youth, themselves, their food sources, their surrounding environments, their towns and their eclectic array of interests and hobbies. The best way to see this level of care is through the many nonprofits and community organizations that flourish on the central coast. Whatever interest there is, it seems like there’s a group for it. The central coast is home to local chapters of national organizations, such as the Elks Club, Rotary and the Order of the Moose. There are also unaffiliated or localized groups that target a range of different efforts, including environmental preservation and management, food support, humane societies, groups that promote health and wellness and support services too. Central Oregon Coast community organizations offer places for everyone: Even youth in the area can develop hobbies and interests through schools’ groups, sports teams, choirs and other outlets. For the rich history and cultures found on the Oregon’s coast, there are groups dedicated to preserving legacies and furthering others’ appreciation for ways that these histories shaped the area we see today.

Finding Your Place on the Central Oregon Coast

A particularly awesome aspect about these nonprofit organizations and community groups is how their variety appeals to residents (and visitors too) of many backgrounds and passions. Thespians bring your favorite plays and musicals to local theatres. Sports enthusiasts can find races, triathlons and other competitions with athletic groups. Join your town in caring for the environment with organized clean ups for specific areas. Ensure that none of your neighbors go to bed hungry by contributing to the efforts of food banks and other alliances that make healthy meals available to all. If you’re looking for spiritual development and fellowship, churches, temples and other religious groups provide communities for a number of faiths. Learn more about the Central Oregon Coast’s community organizations and nonprofits in the list below. See what piques your curiosity or taps into your passions, and go find your place with neighbors and new friends.