Central Oregon Coast Restaurant Specials

Everything is special about Central Oregon Coast restaurants – from fine dining to casual cafes and oceanfront marinas where you reel in your own fresh catch of the day to enjoy dockside. Whether you’re working up a hearty Pacific Northwest appetite hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, fishing, shopping or seeing the sights along our sandy shores, refuel with a Central Oregon Coast restaurant special that will satisfy any craving. Central Coast chefs have certainly earned their bragging rights when it comes to coast-to-table and farm-to-table fare. Their hand-selected daily specials allow them to showcase their creative culinary prowess using a bounty of delicious local flavors. Lucky for you, Central Oregon Coast restaurant specials are everywhere. As you cruise the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, you’ll find them in breakfast, lunch and dinner deals, Friday Fish Fries, happy hour craft cocktails and more. Word of advice: If a Central Oregon Coast chef is recommending a menu item via special-status, strongly consider savoring those flavors.

Location Matters with Central Oregon Coast Restaurant Specials

Our location is what supplies our deliciously distinctive cuisine, and what's available varies depending on the time of year. Ordering a daily special is an excellent way to experience the Central Coast food scene as it changes from season to season. Imagine summertime salmon with a crisp chardonnay from a winery nearby. Order a steaming bowl of chowder, followed by a melt-in-your-mouth steak and a robust glass of red to ward a wintery coastal chill. Seasonal produce and tantalizing desserts round out every meal with a timely tribute to the calendar. Central Oregon Coast restaurants are committed to giving back to the coastal communities they call home by sourcing locally. It’s more than a way to do business; it’s a way of life that supports our farmers, fish mongers, bakeries, creameries, microbreweries and vineyards. Central Oregon Coast restaurant specials are big on flavor, big on community but not necessarily big on price.