Yachats, Oregon

And Waldport, Oregon

As you drive along the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway (better known as Highway 101), you’ll encounter a number of Oregon’s coastal communities and seaside towns dotting the route. These guys are charming as heck. Two that you won’t want to miss are Yachats and Waldport, Oregon. The towns are cute with a friendly local scene and funky vibes. While this beckons many visitors to take a detour, stroll through town, visit the art galleries and enjoy a seafood meal, it’s their natural attractions and breathtaking seaside setting that makes them popular places to visit on the Central Oregon Coast. Waldport, Oregon, is the more residential of the two with about three times as many people as Yachats, and it’s a lovely place to rent a vacation rental if you’re looking for a taste of what it’s like to live on the coast. While Yachats, Oregon, is not home to as many people, it tends to draw visitors more with its numerous restaurants, shops and attractions. The main Yachats, Oregon, attraction this area is best known for is the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, the highest point on the Oregon Coast.

Seek Nature in Waldport and Yachats, Oregon

If you're visiting and staying in Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, you set yourself up for some of the best outdoor activities on Oregon’s Central Coast. Miles of trails – some of which are wheelchair accessible – take hikers and cyclists through the beautiful old-growth forests covering the region. Don’t forget your camera for the breathtaking views of the oceans and landscape. Crabbing and fishing are other popular things to do in Yachats, Oregon, and Waldport, Oregon. Salmon is king, but crabs are another common catch. And no time in Waldport or Yachats, Oregon, is complete without seeing the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. This 40-mile stretch of rocky coastline spans from Waldport, Oregon, and continues south. Its scenic overlooks are optimal for whale watching and drinking in views of the Pacific and rocky shore.

Eat Up in Waldport and Yachats, Oregon

Whew – with all of the activity in store for your visit to Yachats and Waldport, you need food to keep you fueled up for whatever adventure is next. Fortunately, Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, restaurants serve up the hardy fare needed to quiet rumbling stomachs. As you might expect of any coastal town, seafood dominates the menus among the restaurants here. And you can count on the albacore tuna, coho salmon, Dungeness crab and whatever else you taste being the freshest around, wherever you get it, however it’s prepared. There are also bakeries and cafes where you can enjoy a treat to start your day and locally loved coffee shops to energize you with caffeine.

Shopping in Waldport and Yachats, Oregon

Those who visit Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, aren’t as likely drawn to the towns for their shopping scene as they are to the outdoor activities and attractions. That said, though, Yachats, Oregon, shops channel the town’s tight-knit community and artistic culture, and they’re well worth the visit. Art galleries populate the selection of places to visit. Explore them and find one-of-a-kind works of art, ranging from photographs that you’ll want to hang on your wall at home to quirky garden decor that livens up your lawn. The shops here, specifically Waldport, Oregon, shops, also include several spots to pick up souvenirs, such as branded t-shirts and hats, to remind you of your time on the Central Coast.

Stay in Waldport and Yachats, Oregon

One feature people love about Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, is the plentiful lodging options. With their walkable but quiet downtown districts and close proximity to hiking trails and the beach, it’s no wonder the towns draw traveling couples, families and even solo adventurers too. If you want to stay in a hotel, motel or similar sort of lodging, Yachats, Oregon, hotels offer places for travel styles ranging from minimalist to plush. Waldport, Oregon, on the other hand, has no hotels. What it does have, however, are fabulous Waldport, Oregon, vacation rental properties. Choose from cottages, oceanfront homes, bungalows tucked away in the woods – whatever style matches the vacation you envision. There are also Yachats, Oregon, vacation rentals if you want to stay closer to its numerous attractions.

Play in Waldport and Yachats, Oregon

Awesome ways to discover these towns’ communities and their cultures are through Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, events. Waldport, Oregon, events feature several annual gatherings that embrace the coastal location, a bustling place during the summer. Yachats, Oregon, is also known for its town-wide, multi-week holiday festivities during the month of December. For the art enthusiasts, their to-do lists should also include the Yachats, Oregon, events that happen year round. They encourage them to paint and create at art jams and share their musicality at open mic events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Waldport, Oregon?

Most visitors arriving on the Oregon Coast from outside of Oregon fly into Portland International Airport and drive or bus to their final destination from there. It’s about 165 miles from Waldport, Oregon, and about a three-hour drive if you take Highway 101 to get there. Eugene Airport is the closest major airport to Waldport, Oregon, and it’s great for domestic flights. It takes about two hours to drive from Eugene Airport to Waldport, and it follows a fairly direct route east along State Route 126 then north up Highway 101.

How Far is Yachats, Oregon, from Waldport?

Yachats, Oregon, is about 8 miles south of Waldport. To get to either town, it’s a short drive (not even 15 minutes) along Highway 101. Enjoy the trip too – the route follows the Pacific Scenic Byway and delivers amazing views of the ocean and stretches of coastline.

Who is Bazalgette the Whale?

If you hear talk of Bazalgette the Whale, don’t look toward the water – instead look down. This sculpture of a gray whale lurks beneath the tiny Whale Park in Yachats, Oregon. You can find him by his massive metal tale above the ground, and every minute, a burst of water sprays up from the ground as though emerging from a gray whale’s blowhole.

Where should I begin hiking in Yachats, Oregon?

With the abundance of hiking trails between Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, it’s hard to decide where to begin. A popular choice is the 804 Trail. It’s part of the Oregon Coast Trail, and you can connect to other hiking trails through it. The hike shows off a picturesque selection of rocky shoreline, state parks and downtown Yachats and follows the seven-mile stretch of beach between Yachats and Waldport. You can pick up the trail at Smelt Sands State Recreation Site and follow it north or south.

Which hiking trails are wheelchair accessible?

Cape Perpetua’s 26 miles of interconnected hiking trails include several wheelchair-accessible trails. These trails have paths for all degrees of abilities, ranging in length from a fraction of a mile to up to 10 miles.