Yachats, Oregon, Attractions

And Waldport, Oregon, Attractions

Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, attractions include several of the hottest spots on the Central Oregon Coast, and no trip to the coast is complete until you see them. In fact, much of the appeal surrounding these towns comes from the phenomenal naturally occurring attractions and geographic wonders. Perhaps most popular of them is the Waldport, Oregon, attraction, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. This, the highest point on the coast, is well loved for a reason. From mesmerizing overlooks to hiking trails and the jagged, volcanic outcrops and rocky shoreline, Cape Perpetua attracts visitors from all around. The cape itself stretches over 40 miles of Oregon’s coastline, beginning in Waldport and continuing south (it’s that scenic drive you’ve been admiring along Oregon Highway 101). Near the scenic area is also the Waldport, Oregon, attraction, Cleft of the Rock lighthouse, a mysterious place on a nearby bluff. It’s only visible from the highway, and it used to be a private navigation base for the U.S. Coast Guard. And the aptly named Thor’s Well and Devil’s Churn are two Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, attractions that really do inspire a sense of metaphysical power.

Experience Yachats, Oregon, Attractions

The best way to discover any place’s best attractions is by actually getting out and interacting with them, and that’s exactly what you do with Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, attractions. See the old growth trees when you hike through the Siuslaw National Forest. Get sprayed with salt water from the spouting horns or wild waves crashing against the rocky shore during tempestuous weather. Go beachcombing or see the habitats in tidal pools at the Beachside State Recreation Site. When you’re ready for a break from the outdoors, head to the quirky little museums in historic buildings and see their displays of exhibits of early Oregon settlers, seashell collections and the works of local authors and artists. Check out the listings below for all of the incredible Waldport and Yachats, Oregon, attractions and where you’ll find them.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Yachats Attractions
92072 S. U.S. Highway 101, Yachats
(866) 547-3696

Heceta Head Lighthouse, built in 1894, is a working lighthouse on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors can enjoy a view of the Pacific and even stay the night in the Lightkeeper’s cottages. Every morning, guests are treated to a seven-course breakfast. The lighthouse perches 205 feet above the ocean, and the light from its lens reaches about 21 miles off shore. In the...read more

Heceta Head Lighthouse, built in 1894, is a working lighthouse on the National Register of...read more