Astoria, Oregon, Restaurants: Great Plates

Including Warrenton Restaurants

Great plates are on the menu at all Astoria, Oregon, restaurants. Local eateries offer many options from ethnic to fresh fish. Are you in the mood for Italian, Thai, Indian or Bosnian food? How about fresh seafood or coastal faire from the North Coast region? Foodies will want to be sure to explore all the Great Plates available at Astoria, Oregon, restaurants and microbreweries. North Coast waters provide the freshest fish and seafood in the country, from salmon and steelhead to shrimp and sturgeon, and you can get great fish plates right here at Astoria restaurants such as wild salmon, Dungeness crab and Pacific oysters. Astoria restaurants also have multiple options for organic food lovers with vegetarian and gluten-free plates of entrees featuring fresh local produce such as vegetables, potatoes, legumes, fruits and berries. Microbrews also have burger, pizza and seafood plates that are popular with local diners. Great Plates also come with additional perks since Astoria, Oregon, restaurants and microbreweries are often housed in quaint settings with rustic coastal charm and river views of the Columbia. Whether you are a hipster or hippie searching for a quiet or happening hangout with live music from local artists, Astoria restaurants can provide the environment and the imaginative menu items you're looking for.

Explore Great Plates at Astoria, Oregon, Restaurants

Great Plates are also available at many of the small hole-in-the-wall Astoria, Oregon, restaurants, as the most unlikely places can sometimes have the most imaginative chefs who create memorable and defining dishes (that's the best definition of a Great Plate!). Search out the historic food counters and diners in the Astoria neighborhoods of Uppertown, downtown, Uniontown and the surrounding environs as well as the Warrenton area. You’ll get Great Plates for great prices at these eateries. You can get tasty Albacore tuna fish and chips from a gillnet boat on 17th Street in downtown Astoria, authentic Mexican food from a rustic cafe on Highway 101 between Smith Point and Miles Crossing or homemade ice cream at a warehouse on 14th Street on the riverfront. Check out the Great Plates in this guide to inspire your next meal at Warrenton and Astoria restaurants.