It would be easy to get carried away trying to document the freeing sensation one feels on a zipline. But one wouldn’t want to waste a moment of head-in-the-clouds freedom worried about feet-on-the-ground reality.
Everybody needs a little adventure in their lives. That’s the premise of a new business from the owners of High Life Adventures seeking to open an adventure park and challenge course.
The list was based on 22,000 reviews posted in the past year on Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. Scores were tallied and combined to determine the level of travelers’ overall satisfaction. The scores were then ranked to create the 100 Best Fan-Favorites Destinations list.
There is some high flying going on in Warrenton on the 30-acre, sustainably logged property of David and Lancey Larson. As zip-line guide Dale Larson often says, “There is going to be some involuntary cursing today. I can guarantee that.”
All geared up and securely anchored in, we headed to the first cable, Alder. Three hundred ninety-six feet of wind in your hair and stimulating speed.
Taking advantage of Oregon's famous forestland, newly opened High Life Adventures (33136 Highway 101 Business, Warrenton; 503-861-9875) and Tree to Tree Adventure Park (2975 S.W. Nelson Road, Gaston; 503-357-0109) are unusual playgrounds for anyone seeking exciting fun in the great outdoors.
I look over at my guide Samantha who clips me to the cable and indicates that I am ready to go. I walk down the graveled incline until my feet leave the ground and I begin to glide. I pick up speed, and am swooping down a grassy slope adjacent to a small lake, shouting with joy, accompanied by the z
Are you looking for a dynamic activity to boost morale or get your group in sync? When you envision this activity does it include the great outdoors and the thrill of adrenaline from a dizzying height? In the Pacific Northwest, meeting and corporate event planners will find plenty of options for hig
Enjoy a tour of 8 zip lines in a beautiful setting! Join two tour guides on an exhilarating zip line experience around and over a seven-acre lake. A mile of zipping, sure to create lasting memories for the whole family!
High Life Adventures Zip Lines, located in the heart of the timber forest of Warrenton, Oregon is FUN! FUN! FUN!
When raising children, it can be difficult to find an ideal vacation destination that appeals to all family members. Will it be safe? Will it be relaxing? Will my six-year-old meet the height requirements or will my three-year-old be scared?
I love the feeling of the wind in my hair. I think it all started from owning my first car, a 1984 VW Rabbit Convertible, and driving with the top down. Now, among my travels I’ve had the amazing experience of the wind in my hair and soaring like a bird at the same time while zip lining!