Astoria, Oregon, Shopping Must Haves

Including Warrenton Shopping Must Haves

Astoria, Oregon, shopping Must Haves will vary depending on individual tastes and preferences. A Must Have is an item that a local shop owner wants to highlight . . . to make sure you notice it. Astoria and Warrenton shops offer Must Haves from incidentals to furniture. Buyers can purchase home decor, clothing, garden supplies, hardware, marine supplies and sporting goods in addition to the typical grocery and drug store items, depending on what exactly they are looking for. Many shoppers will be on the hunt for Astoria-inspired originals that the specialty boutiques of the region can provide such as antiques, vintage hardware, paintings and jewelry. Visitors to Astoria looking for maritime mementos can purchase items such as floats or compasses to use as decor outside or inside. Souvenir shoppers can find Must Haves such as trinkets and treasures commemorating the local history and river lifestyle at museums and specialty stores. Astoria, Oregon, shops run from Uppertown to Uniontown through the downtown historic district and across the Youngs Bay to Warrenton, which is home to several large retail stores. Your options for shopping Must Haves run the gamut from the quirky Astoria coastal to the utilitarian.

Astoria, Oregon, Shopping: Iconic Food Must Haves

No Astoria, Oregon, shopping trip is complete without a stop at a local fish market in Astoria or Warrenton for fresh Chinook salmon, razor clams or shrimp. Or if you’re not in the mood to cook, stop at a seafood restaurant to indulge your craving for fresh fish where you can always get a order to go if you don’t want to stay long. Follow it up with a stop at a coffee house for a good cup of java and a treat to indulge your sweet tooth. Natural food lovers will want to buy some baked goods from the organic bakery in downtown Astoria. Be sure to swing by the old Finnish bakery in Uppertown, Astoria’s historic Norwegian district, for Scandinavian goodies such as cardamom bread, Astoria Cinnamon Toast (Finnish korpu), Swedish limpu bread or when in season, delectable Finnish prune tarts on your way in or out of town.