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The Northern Oregon Coast is a mecca for artists, roadtrippers, nature lovers, outdoor adventurers and anyone looking to lose themselves in this wonderful, rugged wilderness. These towns – starting with the lush Long Beach Peninsula in Washington and stretching south to the communities around Tillamook – present a natural playground where cliffs meet the coast, beaches burst with whale-watching outposts, seaside towns provide playful diversions and plenty of family-friendly entertainment as well as bucolic scenes of rolling fields dotted with happily grazing dairy cows. The history and culture flowing through the Northern Oregon Coast brims with fascinating stories, people and traditions – ones that shape the places you see today and continue to influence happenings throughout the region.

Each week, our Northern Oregon Coast blogger, Cheri, explores much-anticipated events or delves into a piece of the area’s history or coastal culture. It’s like sitting down with your local friend who’s in the know on the hottest stuff. Her blogs keep you savvy on exciting, upcoming Northern Oregon Coast events, activities beyond the typical sightseeing adventures, movers and shakers changing these communities or the secret significance behind sights and norms in the towns that seem so unassuming at first glance. Check in with Cheri each week to stay up-to-date on everything going on around the Northern Oregon Coast.

Featured Blog

Family Fun on a Budget on the North Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Having a great time with your family doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. This week many family-friendly activities are happening on the North Coast. The best part? A surprising number of these events are free! So pack up the kids, and take a road trip. Photo credits to Astoria Armory Follow Lewis and... Read More

Get out this Week on the North Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Tuesday, August 6, 2019
When people come to the North Coast, they generally don't lounge on the beach. We like a good bonfire, though, and it’s relaxing to be here. Spending time at the ocean or in a vibrant, old-growth forest is both refreshing and exhilarating. Generally, those of us who live and visit here are pretty outdoor oriented. We'... Read More

Surf's Up on the North Oregon Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Along the North Oregon Coast you'll find miles of untouched, remote beaches. Not beaches like the East Coast’s – with lounge chairs, crowds, suntan lotion and lifeguards. This is Oregon's North Coast. The beaches are public. It's windy and sometimes a little chilly. The views are unparalleled. The water is cold, but... Read More

The Craft Beer Evolution on the North Oregon Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Beer has evolved. Along the way North Coast craft breweries have become important fixtures in the community, hosting and sponsoring events that bring people together. Oftentimes, these family-friendly, outdoor activities take advantage of the Oregon Coast's incomparable beauty. This weekend you can hike and explore... Read More

Market Day on the North Oregon Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Wednesday, July 17, 2019
The farmers market seems to live and breathe. It evolves throughout the summer and concludes with a bounty of harvest in the fall. Right now the season is in full swing with the flowers blooming and the berries ripe! In addition to fresh produce, flowers, delicious food and art, each local market has its very own vibe... Read More

Race to Win, Finish or for a Cause on the North Oregon Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Wednesday, July 10, 2019
We always celebrate the winner of the race, the one who trains hard and runs the fastest. For some, though, it's not about how long it takes. It's more about being there and getting to the finish line. Sometimes what really matters is the cause the race benefits. This weekend on the North Coast, there's a race for... Read More