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The Northern Oregon Coast is a mecca for artists, roadtrippers, nature lovers, outdoor adventurers and anyone looking to lose themselves in this wonderful, rugged wilderness. These towns – starting with the lush Long Beach Peninsula in Washington and stretching south to the communities around Tillamook – present a natural playground where cliffs meet the coast, beaches burst with whale-watching outposts, seaside towns provide playful diversions and plenty of family-friendly entertainment as well as bucolic scenes of rolling fields dotted with happily grazing dairy cows. The history and culture flowing through the Northern Oregon Coast brims with fascinating stories, people and traditions – ones that shape the places you see today and continue to influence happenings throughout the region.

Each week, our Northern Oregon Coast blogger, Cheri, explores much-anticipated events or delves into a piece of the area’s history or coastal culture. It’s like sitting down with your local friend who’s in the know on the hottest stuff. Her blogs keep you savvy on exciting, upcoming Northern Oregon Coast events, activities beyond the typical sightseeing adventures, movers and shakers changing these communities or the secret significance behind sights and norms in the towns that seem so unassuming at first glance. Check in with Cheri each week to stay up-to-date on everything going on around the Northern Oregon Coast.

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Celebrate October with Spooky Events on the North Coast

By Emily Lindblom | Wednesday, October 16, 2019
October is my favorite month of the year with the orange and red leaves, the candy corn and chocolate, the silly costumes and jack-o-lanterns and, of course, the many activities and programs celebrating autumn. The North Coast is hosting a variety of festive events for everyone, whether you’re a fan of scary Halloween... Read More

Go Hunt Mushrooms on the North Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Saturday, October 5, 2019
It's mushroom hunting season! The North Coast is filled with forest trails that are abundant with mushrooms. You can find them if you know where to look. While this is reportedly an uncommonly good season for chantarelles, they still command a high price. Foraging is both fun and free! Hiking in the woods in search of... Read More

Fall Brings New Events on the North Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Saturday, September 28, 2019
The changing seasons comes with exciting, new happenings and fun places to discover on the North Coast! The crowds are gone, and there is an activity or attraction to appeal to everyone. Pack up the car, and head to your favorite spot on the coast for a weekend filled with whatever you're into.  Photo Credits to... Read More

Art Remains a Dominant Theme on the North Coast

By Cheri Brubaker | Sunday, September 15, 2019
Art is still a dominant theme on the North Coast this beautiful fall weekend. The Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge blends birds, nature and artistic expression with the Wings Over Willapa Festival September 26 through the 29. This Long Beach event offers a wide range of outdoor activity in addition to art... Read More

Rounding Up the North Coast's Art Events

By Cheri Brubaker | Sunday, September 15, 2019
The incomparable beauty of the North Coast attracts artists drawn to the lush forests, high capes, majestic storms and the ever-powerful ocean. They sketch the sea birds, photograph the views, paint the boats on the water. Some create glass objects, others weave baskets or sculpt clay. The artists and their work are... Read More

Party in Astoria with a Drive on Long Beach: A North Coast Road Trip

By Cheri Brubaker | Monday, September 9, 2019
I got a hall pass last weekend! With a couple of days all to myself, a friend from Seattle (Mary) and I met up in Astoria! When it comes to food, my family's more into quantity than quality, so I was particularly excited to be dining with Mary.  The drive up the coast on Saturday morning was spectacular. Post-Labor... Read More