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We are a worker-owned cooperative. Our joy is to help you to thrive with the very best bread, pastry, breakfast, lunch, and drinks that our hands can make. Our coffee drinks are made with Astoria Coffee Co. organic and locally roasted fair trade coffee; organic milk or milk substitutes; homemade organic syrups; and love. We buy local, organic produce and use organic ingredients in our pastries, bread, and food!

We offer an extensive, eclectic magazine selection on topics such as art, politics, Eastern religion, design, farming, bicycling, gardening, and more; we also carry the Sunday New York Times.

Located in beautiful Astoria, Oregon, we are situated in the Historic Fort George building on the corner of 15th and Duane Street. Our windows look north toward the mighty Columbia River, and there is a small park on the south side of the building that is perfect for summer picnics.