Colored Pencil Passion With Michael Brundage

Astoria Art Loft, Colored Pencil Passion with Michael Brundage
Event Description: 
Is colored pencil your passion? Do you like to move a beautiful pencil over smooth paper and watch the color build? Meet Michael Brundage, colored pencil artist par excellence. Brundage creates photorealistic portraits of animals: elephants, lions, leopards, tigers, coyotes, loons, and more. His exquisitely detailed work takes hours, sometimes as many as 300 hours. His investment in time and painstaking care are necessary to create an animal so lifelike that it almost walks off the paper. Michael is a master teacher as well. He is patient, always willing to explain, to show, and to encourage. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced colored pencil artist, you will benefit from Michael's approach with this two-day workshop.

Indulge your colored pencil passion. Enjoy painting on suede paper which lets the pencil slip smoothly over it. Create a colorful Eastern Blue Jay, a bird similar to our western jay but much brighter. This is not a complicated subject and is doable in two days.

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Astoria Art Loft (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

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