Whale Watching Spoken Here

This Event has been cancelled.
Nehalem Bay State Park, Whale Watching Spoken Here
Event Description: 

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, along with their partners, will have trained volunteers at various Neahkanie Overlooks for Whale Watching Week. The volunteers will have general knowledge about gray whale anatomy, behavior, migration patterns and to become familiar with research taking place along our coast. Researchers estimate that 18,000-plus gray whales now live in the eastern north Pacific area. About 30 whales per hour migrate past the Oregon coast during the peak southbound migration. By comparison, six per hour pass by on the northbound trip, but that return trip is spread over four months. Some 200-plus of these whales drop off the migration route and feed along the Oregon coast all summer.

When is the Event?: 
Sunday, March 29, 2020 *** Cancelled ***

Where is the event?

Nehalem Bay State Park (See address and directions on the rightbelow)