Source Fresh provides you with next level vacation dining. We partner with properties to provide curated meal boxes ready to cook, filled with locally-sourced food from established producers so you can eat like a local during your stay.

Maximize your vacation time by ordering exactly what you need. Basic cooking is all you need to do with a Source Fresh meal box. We make it easy for you to dine like you live here, without having to wait for the farmer's markets or shop for the food yourself.

We are currently partnered with these excellent local lodging establishments on the Northern Oregon coast:

Sheltered Nook

Silver Sands

Breakers View Villa

Ocean Inn at Manzanita

Sunset Surf Motel

Surfside Ocean Front Resort

Three Arch Inn

Eat what you want and when you want, there are no reservations or waiting required. Our meals help you budget for your trip, with large or small groups, and with meal planning in general. 

With Source Fresh, your money will stay within the local community. Ordering through Source Fresh is lower on carbon footprint compared to buying products brought in from around the world. We strive to reduce waste and additional packaging as well. 

You picked your destination for a reason. Help keep it your favorite destination by investing in our community.