Cannon Beach Activities

You could spend your entire stay partaking in and enjoying a wide variety of Cannon Beach activities and programs (and you can be assured that locals do!). There are so many to choose from that it’s easy to see why the small beachside community is such a draw for residents and visitors year round. Whether you enjoy spending your time learning local culture, garnering knowledge of local flora and fauna or cultivating your inner auteur, there are sure to be Cannon Beach activities and programs happening that will perfectly coincide with your schedule. Take the time to get to know the local attractions like you never knew before through tours. Discover why and how Cannon Beach got its name and why it was considered a special location during the Lewis and Clark expedition. Get involved with the Cannon Beach art scene and take part in plein air painting, sketching, glass blowing and all kinds of creative mediums to satiate your inner artist. Learn why various sea birds like puffins, shearwaters, terns, gulls, gannets and oystercatchers consider Cannon Beach a sought after home.

A Myriad of Programs and Activities in Cannon Beach!

Chances are during your time learning all that Cannon Beach activities have to offer, you’ll come out of it with a broad appreciation for not just Cannon Beach itself, but for the surrounding ocean, forests and culture as well. Cannon Beach is more than enjoyable shopping, comfy accommodations and great restaurants! Cannon Beach is about community, culture and creativity, and these aspects can be seen throughout the area’s wide variety of things to do. Get to know yourself, and Cannon Beach, in new ways while taking part in activities and programs that get you beyond the surface and into the details that make Cannon Beach special to you. By using the resources available here you can see all that the community has to offer you!