Cannon Beach Events

There are Cannon Beach events going on every season throughout the year, yet it comes as no surprise that visitors tend to focus on the big events of the spring and summer since the weather in those seasons is so appealing. Here’s a sampling: sandcastle contests, kite flying festivals, summertime art gatherings, 4th of July festivities, beach cleanups and more. But there’s more to Cannon Beach events than those in the sunny summer and spring months. There’s an entire off-season – aka The Secret Season – to consider as well! During the winter months there are all kinds of things to do as well, such as stormy weather art festivals, whale watching events, migratory bird watching, holiday festivals and culinary celebrations all based around celebrating the vibrancy of Cannon Beach’s inner community. Take part in a number of art classes and demonstrations. Make an evening out of dinner then one of the frequent performances or concerts happening throughout the year. Join in with visitors and residents in Sandpiper Square for a holiday Lamp Lighting celebration or a Holiday Tea at the library.

Cannon Beach Events: History, Culture, Art on Display!

Cannon Beach events are particularly appealing while the sun shines. The daytime scene is lively and active in Cannon Beach with plenty of people mingling in town, and because of that a number of events are scheduled and planned during the prime time to expose visitors and locals to everything Cannon Beach has to offer. Daytime art classes, expositions, cultural history presentations, ecological activities and family-based entertainment are all options for you, and all are designed to bring the community to the people who choose to spend time in Cannon Beach. There are summertime farmer’s markets, fall whale watching, winter holiday programs and springtime art celebrations all planned to give you the best experience possible during your visit! Use the listings below to see what’s happening with Cannon Beach events!

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E.g., 09/25/2020
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