Cannon Beach Restaurants: Great Plates

The beachside community of Cannon Beach is known for being well-connected to the arts. Indeed, whether you’re in the market for a hand-crafted piece of jewelry, a homemade beach kite or a driftwood sculpture, you will find it, and much more. But when you’re on the North Oregon coast, you need to add another artisanal product to your list of things to seek out: Great Plates from quality Cannon Beach restaurants! What exactly are great plates? They are exactly what they sound like – a specific item on (or off!) the menu at restaurants that feature the finest the establishment has to offer, the items the chef wants you to be sure to notice. Cannon Beach restaurant Great Plates come in all varieties of local flavor: Pacific Northwest-caught salmon, local shellfish like clams, mussels and oysters, maybe a taste from an area produce farm that markets with the restaurant. Cannon Beach adds the culinary arts to their repertoire with their own flavorful fare, and we bring this dining information directly to you in the listings below! Find that perfect Cannon Beach Great Plate that’s just your style and speaks of the crafted quality Cannon Beach is known for.

Cannon Beach Restaurant Seasonal Great Plates

Cannon Beach restaurants go the extra mile to entice your sense of culinary curiosity. It’s a given that all the big resorts will have that uniquely special Great Plate that will certainly please your palate. But don’t be fooled into thinking there are not lots of opportunities to be had with the many other restaurants located throughout the community. All of them, small or large, have signature dishes they are proud of. Plan your restaurant visits with the season to take even better advantage of all that Cannon Beach restaurants have to offer you. In the spring and summer you can find the freshest of locally farmed vegetables, the fall brings salmon and seasonal mushroom delights, winter has rockfish and oysters on the half-shell. Make it your pursuit to discover every Great Plate Cannon Beach restaurants present!