Morris' Fireside Restaurant

100 E. 2nd Street, Cannon Beach, OR
(503) 436-2917

What not a better way to experience the north Oregon Coast's vibrant industrial logging history than to sit down with a cold beer and a steak in an authentic log cabin! Morris' Fireside Restaurant does just that. Originally built in 1921 and was the place to go for local loggers working the steep grades around Cannon Beach. Stories of bears and the colonial west shine through this rustic log cabin, and now you can order up a burger, steak, fish and chips or a bowl of fresh clam chowder, straight from the sea! Morris' Fireside Restaurant is one of the longest lasting eateries in Cannon Beach and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Though the original log cabin succumbed to the wear and tear of an added customer base in the late 1970's, a new cabin was erected in the eighties which has served as the primary restaurant since. Offering visitors to Cannon Beach a cozy and rustic eating experience throughout the generations.