Cannon Beach Restaurant Specials

Cannon Beach restaurants greet their guests with the quintessential Oregon Coast experience. Some offer views of the domineering Haystack Rock that juts out of the beachscape, while others have a village view of Hemlock Street right in the hustle and bustle. But if there is one thing every one of Cannon Beach’s restaurants has in common, it’s menu items that the chef highlights either on a daily or weekly basis. The dish might not be on the main menu; it might be one the chef wants to make sure you try. Or, it might be a popular meal that the restaurant is known for that’s on special. Cannon Beach restaurant specials will fit the season, and they sometimes even offer you an unexpected taste you’ve never tried. Have you eaten Willapa Bay Oysters on the half shell or freshly harvested mussels steamed in an aromatic wine sauce? Or what about a Southern-style seafood cioppino with a zesty spice? Restaurant specials are designed to help you broaden your palate and experience the bounty of local harvests, be they from the fields or the surrounding waters.

Creative Specials at Cannon Beach Restaurants

Cannon Beach is known for being a community that pays close attention to artisanal quality, and that same creative effort applies to the dishes served up at Cannon Beach restaurants. Local chefs call attention to what’s fresh and local in their many specials. And they don’t have to be complicated meals. A chef salad with a specific Northwest fling fills the bill nicely, but so does a citrus butter-crisp salmon filet that melts on your tongue or a homemade ravioli stuffed with local crab and served over squid-ink risotto. Make it a habit to check out what specials are happening this week in Cannon Beach restaurants here. You might see a special that will encourage you to try some place new. But even if it’s to a restaurant you’ve been to many times, these specials will let you taste the artistic fare that the North Oregon Coast is known for!