Cannon Beach Restaurants

This small artist community tucked along the Oregon Coast is a sought-after gem for visitors near and far, especially those who like to eat well. There are Cannon Beach restaurants that will appeal to everyone, from the inexpensive and easy ones to well-heeled establishments, and those serving simple dinners to bountiful lunches and breakfasts. Well known for its accommodating vibe, Cannon Beach restaurants are pretty casual when it comes to what to wear – this is the beach after all! So, even if you’re sitting down to a spectacular steak dinner, you don’t need to gussie up. That said, with our accommodating vibe, if you want to dress to the nines, that’s just fine too. No matter the dietary requirements you might have, there’s a restaurant that will serve up what you’re needing. They cater to the hip and trendy vegetarians and vegans as much as they do to hungry people who are wanting down home-style cooking. If it’s a bacon and egg breakfast or an avocado toast brunch, you’ll come away from our local restaurants with a smile on your face.

Locally Sourced Foods at Cannon Beach Restaurants

Considered a modern culinary movement, the locally sourced menu has become a staple for Cannon Beach restaurants just as it has in many other places. Utilizing ingredients grown or caught from local and regional sources means that our restaurants can bring you the freshest of menu items complete with an authentic local fling – crisp leafy greens from a farm tucked away in the mountains, catches from community-supported fisheries, crab caught in local waters or the free-range beef from a ranch just down the road. Of course, local sourcing also means that the menus at Cannon Beach restaurants also reflect the season and what’s available. Isn’t it a lot more appealing to dine on local oysters during the winter than on those brought in from who knows where year round? Same goes with summer fruits and veggies. Check the listings below to see all the restaurant options around!

Cannon Beach Restaurants by Category