Cannon Beach Shopping Sales

Cannon Beach and the surrounding areas are no strangers to having all types of visitors grace our shores on a year-round basis, so it comes as no surprise that there are numerous shopping opportunities just waiting for you in the form of seasonal sales and events to entice you to do some retailing! Cannon Beach shopping is specifically geared to offer patrons exactly what it is you’re looking for no matter what time of year you visit. Need that warm and cozy sweatshirt or rain jacket to experience the epic storms in the winter and fall? Don’t worry, Cannon Beach shops have you covered (literally!). Want to stroll down Hemlock Street in the summer in some flip flops and swim shorts? There are lots of options for you there as well! Specially timed seasonal sales are constantly going on at shopping establishments, complete with events that celebrate the season! By using the listings here you can better prepare for those seasonal sales that many Cannon Beach shops offer throughout the year. You'll be glad you're in the know and can combine retailing with lots of fun!

A Year's Worth of Shopping in Cannon Beach!

Throughout the year there are lots of events planned in Cannon Beach that interest locals and visitors alike. There’ll likely be a seasonal festival, show or activity that fits your fancy such as sandcastle contests, garden tours, holiday-centered celebrations and more. And with every great festival and event, there is quality local merchandise in Cannon Beach shops to help everyone remember and commemorate the event! Get that perfect set of binoculars for the winter whale watching, pick up some classic beach gear to watch the epic Fourth of July celebration, purchase a good read from a bestselling author at a spring-time literary gathering or attend a summertime arts festival and go home with the artsy t-shirt that supports the cause. Every month there are events planned for the area, and Cannon Beach shops specifically cater to the focus of these seasonal celebrations.

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