Cannon Beach Shopping Must Haves

Cannon Beach shops are as varied as the thousands of visitors that come to the beachside community every year, and, thus, offer an expansive set of options for everyone. Being so close to the beach scene brings things like surf gear and apparel, artisanally crafted jewelry and even a place for your pup to darn up in some of the finest beach attire. There are indeed options for everyone! Cannon Beach shops feature a number of Must Haves, designed to pull shoppers in, that are special items the shop owners think are extra appealing or representative of the Northwest Oregon Coast. Whether you're shopping for yourself or to take home a souvenir for friends or family, these Must Haves give you a good idea of the personality of each shop. Of course you can find that perfect sweatshirt that says Cannon Beach on it, but did you consider that maybe a good way to showcase your time along the North Oregon shores is to buy some quality painted artwork by a local artist? Visiting local art galleries is as Cannon Beach as it gets with all the propensity for amazing art and finely crafted items that you can find in the many Cannon Beach galleries.

Cannon Beach Shopping includes Arch Cape too!

If all the Cannon Beach shopping opportunities aren’t enough, then you can also hop over to the tiny community of Arch Cape just to the south. Though there are not nearly the amount of shops to choose from, the few available offer some quirky items and trinkets that speak to the creative capacity of the community. See the carved bigfoot statue that sits right along the highway? Surely that will entice you to stop in for a bit! (And be sure to take some time on the beautiful beach in between stops.) But for the shopping oriented, the main draw is definitely Cannon Beach. From clothing, toys, vintage, candy, wine, books and more, the Cannon Beach shopping experience will not leave you wanting! Use the ever-changing Must Have options here to give you a leg up on your retailing adventure.