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Fact: It’s impossible to be bored on the Northern Oregon Coast. Not only do the vast number of activities and things to do pull you in all different directions, but the many events happening throughout these towns also give you a way to fill every moment of your day . . . and sometimes the night too! Everywhere you turn, there are Northern Oregon Coast events and Long Beach, WA, events to check out – Northern Oregon Coast businesses offer events that gives you a new way to experience their restaurant, shop and things to do. Organizations and different groups within these towns also host Northern Oregon Coast events, such as town-wide holiday festivities or networking events. Since the North Coast is a hot spot for vacationing in during the summer, there’s a steady stream of happenings, including many festivals and annual events. However, the activity stays vibrant even after the weather turns cool and drizzly. From weekly farmers markets, intimate dining events at restaurants and annual shindigs that bring the whole community together, no visitor or resident needs to look long or hard for awesome Northern Oregon Coast events.

Northern Oregon Coast Events Have Flair

These events give you a fun way to explore the Northern Oregon Coast. Meet the region’s farmers, craftsmen, artisans and other purveyors at farmers markets and get the scoop on what’s freshest. Learn about local beer and wine through brewery tours or wine tastings featuring the latest vintage. Pick up new skills through knitting circles at yarn shops, cooking classes hosted by chefs at your favorite restaurant, kayak building sessions with experts, flower arranging at florists’ shops – the possibilities seem endless. These events range from specialized topics to ones that anyone can enjoy. Beer-hounds may love visiting the local breweries and discovering new craft beers. Families seeking events that appeal to all ages may prefer farmers markets where parents can browse while youngsters explore the nearby harbor or play in parks.

Use the listings below to learn about every daytime Northern Oregon Coast event currently happening and those in the future. This page is updated regularly, so check it often to always have the inside scoop.

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E.g., 09/22/2020

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