Northern Oregon Coast Restaurants: Great Plates

Including Long Beach, WA, Restaurants

Are you the sort of person who goes out to eat and always asks the servers for their recommendations or wonders which items on the menu are really the chefs’ favorites? Yes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This page is your guide to the drinks, dishes and other menu items that Northern Oregon Coast restaurants pride themselves on. These may be offerings that you won’t find just anywhere or practiced recipes that some consider the best around. A seafood restaurant’s Great Plates might include a bowl of the signature clam chowder, a fried fish basket that took years of tweaking to make just right or even a combination of items that is the go-to order for regular customers, such as a soup and sandwich lunch deal that's available every day. Some restaurants identify their Great Plates as items that set their menus apart from other places. Maybe a dairy’s onsite restaurant offers a cheese board of products that only they make. A dockside eatery’s Great Plate could be whatever catch is freshest that day. Whatever form they take, the Great Plates at Northern Oregon Coast restaurants are a sure way to taste the North Coast’s culinary best.

Get the Best of Northern Oregon Coast Restaurants

These decidedly Great Plates should not be missed when you’re dining at Northern Oregon Coast restaurants. Of course, they’re obviously delicious, but they’re also dishes that steal the show at that particular eatery. Cheesecake, for example, isn’t hard to find with most dessert menus, but lavender cheesecake with blackberry-pinot noir sauce is an experience that you won’t want to pass up. The North Coast is home to numerous delicacies like Willapa Bay Oysters, Dungeness crab, stellar dairy products and rich wines just to name a few. A trend among many Great Plates at Northern Oregon Coast restaurants is that they’re the dishes serving up these ingredients in classic, creative or even shocking ways. Take advantage of these Great Plates when you see them!