Cheap Whiskey and Dirty Jokes Comedy

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Friday, September 20, 2019.
Labor Temple Bar, Cheap Whiskey and Dirty Jokes Comedy
Event Description: 
The Comedy night is hosted by local comedian Public Emily Number One and features headliner Adam Pasi, Tony Ward, Brandon Lyons, and Astoria's Brian Lee. One of Portland's funniest persons, "Pasi is quickly becoming among the most recognized names in Northwestern comedy. Born in Tacoma, WA and raised on army bases on the East Coast and in Germany, Adam’s unique outlook on life allows him to craft absurd yet relatable stories, culminating in admittedly ridiculous calls to arms. Adam has appeared on the IFC show "Portlandia."
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Where is the event?

Labor Temple Bar (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Labor Temple Bar

934 Duane
Astoria, OR
(503) 325-0801