Flamingo Jim’s Gifts & Clothing

234 S. U.S. Highway 101, Rockaway Beach, OR
(503) 355-2365

If you can’t find it at Flamingo Jim’s Gifts and Clothing, it probably can’t be found. Of course, we’re kidding ... sort of.

What started out as a guy (Jim) selling a few coastal trinkets from a tiny shack alongside U.S. Highway 101 back in 1976 has since flourished into an everything-fun store with 3,000-square feet of souvenirs, toys, clothing, jewelry, seashell creations, polished stones, jewelry, moccasins, wind chimes, bumper stickers and way, way more! Customers are greeted outside the store by a selection of birdbaths, garden gnomes, Asian temples, seagulls, flamingos and other cast-garden creatures to add to your lawn art. There’s all sorts of beachwear and accessories including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, swimsuits, flip flops and sunglasses. Got the munchies? Satisfy your sweet tooth with Flamingo Jim’s assortment of saltwater taffy and candies. Like we said, just about everything under the shoreline sun can be found at Jim’s. The place is chock full of chuckles to enjoy on your vacation and later take home with you as a quirky keepsake from your getaway by the sea.