Frite & Scoop

175 14th Street, Astoria, OR
(503) 468-0416

In 2013, Seattle foodies Kevin Malcolm, a self-taught ice cream wizard, and his wife, Lisa, a pastry chef, vacationed in Astoria Oregon. They quickly realized there was no handcrafted ice cream in the historic river town. Thus came their idea of owning a high-end ice cream shop, Frite and Scoop.

The concept – offering one-stop frites and ice cream – came out of Lisa’s craving for salty snacks and Kevin’s passion for made-from-scratch ice cream in the French custard style. The shop quickly became a popular stop on Astoria’s riverwalk - a veritable feast for the senses! 

You can opt for scoops, a hand-packed pint or sundaes. Krumkake cones or a waffle bowl are available. For 75 cents more, choose from an inspired array of toppings, including Kennebec potato chip pieces. But the no-less-than-divine flavors are the real stars here, like the "Chef's Choice," which laces melted sweet cream custard with house-made caramel sauce and blackberry curd.