High Life Adventures

92111 High Life Road, Warrenton, OR
(503) 861-9875

Imagine soaring over 30 miles of lush green hills, acres of tall timber, ponds and a seven-acre lake without the benefit of a plane or other kind of flying device. How? It’s no great mystery, you’re just wearing a harness (and helmet) that’s hooked to a zipline crisscrossing Warrenton.

This particular thrill became available in the North Coast in 2012, when David and Lancey Larson opened High Life Adventures in Warrenton on a 30-acre plot of land. David has been erecting ziplines since he was 14. Back then, he’d charge friends a fair price to earn enough to build more lines. He and his staff are highly experienced and completed extensive training to become accredited zipline tour guides.

High Life offers eight different lines for visiting thrill seekers. The Maple line, for example, affords riders a quick, exhilarating dunk in the water. It's family fun for all ages (for anyone between 60 and 300 pounds). After taking a ride, stop by the onsite Zip N' Sip Bar for a sandwich or their famous beer bread and a local craft beer to toast this memorable activity.