MacGregor's Whiskey Bar

387 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, OR
(503) 368-2447

For a finer nightlife experience in Manzanita, be sure to check out MacGregor's Whiskey Bar. Established in the spring of 2017, the small location has bloomed into a local hot spot offering an assortment of more than 200 brown liquors from the classic Canadian whiskey to bourbon, scotch, rum and more. MacGregor's offers specialty beer and wine from the region and afar as well as offers a complete menu of delectable treat to snack on as you sample and sip the world-class spirits. The menu features charcuterie boards, soups, pasta bowls, pâte and a wide variety of desserts including Scottish shortbread, spotted dick, toffee and cakes. Come experience the inviting atmosphere and the knowledgeable staff who work to make MacGregor's a Manzanita favorite!