Manzanita Links

908 Lakeview Drive, Manzanita, OR
(503) 368-5744

One of Manzanita's best kept secrets might be its own golf course, Manzanita Links! Located just a short drive from the main street of Laneda Avenue, Manzanita Links features a well run and maintained, nine-hole golf course! Their premier beach-side locale and manicured course provides visitors in Manzanita even more activities to enjoy during their stay. Had your fill of the sandy beaches? Head out to the greens of Manzanita Links and enjoy a morning or afternoon game of golf with your friends and family. They are open seven days a week and offer a selection of membership options that appeal to visitors and locals of all ages alike. Next time you're spending a day or two in Manzanita and want to get your golf game on, swing by the Manzanita Links for the perfect put, just under par!