Oregon Film Museum

Clatsop County Historical Society
732 Duane Street, Astoria, OR
(503) 325-2203

Astoria’s Oregon Film Museum (OFM) is all about Oregon films and film-making. Operated by the Clatsop County Historical Society, it’s in the old county jail which was the real thing from 1914 to 1976. You’ll learn what films were made in the state and get fun, fascinating details about their production. You’ll even get a chance to make your own film!

The first gallery in the museum deals with what it takes to make a major motion picture. You can make your own film and learn about the production process. There are also areas for the props department and location scouts. Another gallery, inside some jail cells, houses an impressive collection of The Goonies information. Leave a message for the rag-tag juveniles and vote for your favorite character. In the last gallery, you can edit your film and check out others’ work.  Before you leave be sure and take your own mug show for the prisoners’ gallery. The fascination with The Goonies has not faded with the years. In fact the OFM made history during its 2006 20th anniversary for the film.