Sheltered Nook

7860 Warren Street, Bay City, OR
(503) 805-5526

Sheltered Nook is a piece of Pacific eco-friendly paradise that started with a cyclist looking for a place to hang his helmet for the night during his journey down the coast. Back in 2005, owners Dee and Hank Harguth read about that pedaling road warrior and decided to open their home to cyclists in search of a warm bed, a hot shower and a tasty meal. In 2013 they expanded their hometown hospitality into a bed and breakfast, which has since evolved into a tiny home compound welcoming anyone wanting a peaceful sanctuary while they explore all the area has to offer.

Located within walking distance of Kilchis Point Reserve and Tillamook Bay, Sheltered Nook now features six uniquely themed tiny homes with 385 square feet of living space that can easily accommodate up to six guests. The family-friendly lodgings are fully furnished with locally made furniture and include three queen-sized beds, plenty of closet space, a full-sized shower, private WiFi network, flat screen HDTV, DVD player and a kitchen stocked with cooking utensils as well as appliances. A private deck with a barbecue and individual gardens surround each tiny home, which are also pet friendly. There’s a communal fireplace, picnic tables and even a convenience store and growler fill station onsite - everything you need to relax, recharge and rejuvenate while comfortably enjoying coastal camaraderie.